Tuesday, March 10, 2009

By Landslide!

By an overwhelming number of votes (2) I have decided to open the
2008 Goudey Baseball Retail box. Why?
It got the first vote.

I have no idea, even after all this time, what inserts and parallels are in the set.
So I will look them up.

200 Card Base Set
201 - 230 Cards are Short Prints
231 - 250 U.S. Presidents
(I hope I get a Thomas Jefferson or Grover Cleveland. Those guys are my Faves!)
250 - up Sports Royalty

Mini Black Back / 34
Mini Blue Back
Mini Red Back
Mini Green Back / 88
Mini Black & White / 88

Hit Parade of Champions - Mini sized cards of various sports guys
Goudey Graphs - On card autographs
Goudey Gear - Game used gear

There may be some more but you get the gist. Plenty of goodies for all to chase!
Lets crack some wax and dig in:

Pack 1

67 Jeff Francis

This guy helped me out last year big time
with his wins. But they come with a price.
His E.R.A. can be brutal some games

197 Austin Kearns

I have now managed to acquire over 500 different Kearns cards so far.
It looks like he may be squeezed out of a job in Washington.
Four guys are competing for right field.

177 Carl Crawford

This is a player I want to like. But his numbers come in bunches
and add up to a good total. Slim pickings when he is
cold at the plate. Plus it looks like he has peeked

73 Jack Morris

This guy was cold blood personified. Once of the best
big game pitchers of all time.


48 Joe Morgan

Something about us Joe's being All-Star second basemen.
We just got mad skills. Too bad he sucks so bad in the booth.

178 Carlos Pena

140 Ryan Howard

Lets see what the reigning champs have to offer this year.
Something tells me they are going to do well
until they face the Reds in the NL Championship.

297 Jackie Joyner-Kersee

This card scares me.

Pack 2

117 David Wright

There is a fan named Lucy.
She really likes David Wright.
She makes her readers feel all goosy,
When they read her site.

65 Troy Tulowitzki

It would be nice to see Tulo come back strong
this year. In all his flat brimmed glory.

13 Tom Glavine

This card looks more like Tom Avery.

143 Shane Victorino

Hit a game winning HR on Shane Victorino Day
in Philly on 06/03/07.
How sweet is that?

130 Graig Nettles

Craig to those in the know.
He always seemed to show up in big games.

78 Jeremy Hermida

26 Bobby Doerr

What deity did Bobby piss of to make him a lifetime Red Sox?

275 Brett Favre

I grew up with the guy.
Yes. He is one of the best QB's ever.
Yes. He is as big an ahole as you will ever meet.

Pack 3

195 Ryan Zimmerman

This is a great looking card. The bat looks real.

Halo Hysteria!!!

91 John Lackey

Steady wins and K's on the mound.
Ya gotta like that.

39 Louis Aparico

One of those unappreciated all-time greats.
Even if he played for the White Sox.

169 Raul Ibanez

This is more like a Valentines Day card than a baseball card.

124 Hideki Matsui

I still like those Fox playoff commercials
with Hideki jumping on home plate with the
Godzilla sounds and the stadium shaking.

104 Prince Fielder

If this is a vegetarian I would hate to "meat"
a non-vegan Fielder in a dark alley.

182 Michael Young

Just quietly produces year after year.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 122

Irish Bob hit a two run homer on Oct. 4, 1928 to
begin a four game sweep of the Cardinals.

Pack 4

77 Hanley Ramirez

Why Boston gave up this guy is beyond me.
Glad this guy has someone to love.

25 Dustin Pedroia

Come on M.V.P. fantasy season!

155 Chris Young

103 Warren Spahn

Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.
One of the greatest to ever befuddle batters.

150 Ralph Kiner

98 Andruw Jones

"It looked like the guy stopped at every fast food
restaurant on I-10 from Atlanta to L.A."
J-Dub on Fox Sports radio


46 Sparky Anderson

No manager was able to coax so much out of players
for so long. In different leagues. Top 3 manager ever. Easily.

242 John Adams

Can't complain about the second man to hold the office.
Any man who believed in the principles of this country
enough to be a defense lawyer for a British soldier
is a stand up guy.

Pack 5

9 Jeff Francoeur

Unless Frenchy starts hitting soon there will
be more irate fans than just the one
under his name on the card.

191 Frank Thomas

It just is not natural seeing Frank in something other
than a White Sox uni.

139 Jack Cust

211 Al Kaline Red Back Mini

Mr. Tiger. I think. Don't know much about Al.

136 Rollie Fingers

The second most fearsome 'stache in all of baseball lore.
Have no idea who would win in a smack down between
Rollie or Schmidt's 'stache but I would pay to watch.

84 Carlos Lee

194 David Eckstien

Looks like David is also scared by Jackie's card.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 197

Yankees loose!

Pack 6

133 Joe Blanton

Enough with the A's. We need more Reds!

81 Roy Oswalt

I really like divisional opponent Roy Oswalt.
When you ask for your contract playoff bonus to
be a bulldozer you get a tip of my hat in your direction.

29 Jonathan Papelbon

After meeting Pap and his bulldog in Hattiesburg, MS
last winter I can believe the dog ate the World Series ball.

107 Ben Sheets

This guys stuff is electric.
Too bad his mechanics always have him hurting.

62 Brad Hawpe

10 Phil Niekro

You can't go wrong with any cards of Knucksie.
Even if it is a 19 80 E'fn 2 picture. Lousy Chambliss.

192 Alex Rios

214 Robin Yount

Great pic here. Yount scanning the pitches.
Powder Blue uni and the best AL team logo ever.

Pack 7


51 Aaron Harang

Thrower of stinky cheddar and hopefully will
regain his control. Thanks Dusty.

181 James Shields

How many pitchers do the Rays have?

129 Derek Jeter

As much as I dislike his team I respect his efforts on the field.
And his women off the field.

293 Mr. Hockey Mini Red Back

Mr. Hockey is a well deserved moniker.

88 Billy Butler

Why the sad face Billy?
KC has a great baseball.... stadium!

176 B.J. Upton

72 Magglio Ordoñez

Get a few more HR's for my fantasy team this year Mags. Please?

20 Jeremy Guthrie

Smile now.
You'll soon realize you pitch for the Orioles.

So what did we learn?
I really liked opening this box. Got a great mix of old and new players. A new idea for a Halloween mask and a card of Sparky Anderson. The look and feel of the cards gave me a little rush I have not had in a while opening packs. I just kept thinking these are really nice. Let me know what you guys think.

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  1. That Jackie card gave me goosebumps and not in a good way.


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