Saturday, July 4, 2009

2000 Gamers Football Hobby

Game on!
A few weeks ago I bought a hobby box of 2000 Fleer Gamers football from my local card shop. Why? I always enjoyed the baseball set and like the card design and stock. So why not buy a box that cost $70+ new in 2000 for $25 today. Plus why pass up the chance at some Titans and Saints cards?

So let's get to crinkling some foil!

One hobby box. Five cards per pack. Twenty four packs per box.

100 Card Base Set

45 Card Next Gamers subset (1:8 Packs)

Gamers Extra - Gold foil printing and has EXTRA under card number
Base Cards 1 - 100 (1:8 Packs)
Next Gamers 101 - 145 (1:24 Packs)

Insert Sets:
Contact Sport - 20 Cards (1:4 Packs)

Yard Chargers
Wide Receivers 1 - 5 (1:9 Packs) / Running Backs 6 - 10 (1:24 Packs)
Quarterbacks 11 - 15 (1:144 Packs)

Change The Game - 15 Cards (1:24 Packs)

Gamers Uniformity - Jersey Cards (1:44 Packs)

Gamers Autographics - On Card Autographs (1:287 Packs)

This is back when game used and autos were a rare treat.

Pack 1

87 Brad Johnson

57 Tim Biakabatuka

Fun name to say. Bad name to type.

13 of 20 CS Dennis Northcutt Contact Sport

Better looking cards in person. Bright and pics are light gold with refractor like shine to card.

81 Kevin Johnson

52 Kurt Warner

Please stop the Hall of Fame talk. Too many bad years for that yet.

Pack 2

Checklist Card

Nothing like a great checklist. If you look closely enough you can see it has great players names on it. Thus making it valuable.

11 Mike Alstott

60 Eddie George

Second best RB in the Oilers / Titans history after Earl Campbell.
First Titan of the box and a nice card. As you can see under Eddie
is a Bronco that was just too scared to tackle.

126 J.R. Redmond

39 Jon Kitna

65 Mark Brunell

Pack 3

56 Steve McNair

When I was working in Vicksburg, MS, Steve was in his last year at the NCAA Division Two level. Some guys I managed were students at Alcorn State and invited me down to shoot some hoops. After about 30 mins on the court a slightly faded, early 80's Nissan Z pulls up to the court. Out steps McNair. Crowd gathers. My friends laugh as Steve lines up opposite me. After a few minutes he goes for the lane, starts his leap, palms me in the face, pushes off and dunks. 200 people scream happily, laugh, taunt and grab crotches while saying "Damn" "Awe Shit, man" and other stuff. I walk off the court with head held low as Steve laughs and pats me on the back. Steve McNair made me the other guy on the poster.

4 Rich Gannon

Almost a Super Bowl winner. Damn tuck rule.

13 of 15 CG Edgerin James Change the Game

Another bad scan of a great looking foil card.

93 Amani Toomer

9 Jevon Kearse

Great player. Too bad he was a Gator. Had fun taunting him during a friend's batchelor party when Tank Williams got Javon to tag along. He is a great guy and willing to put up with Vols fans.
Here's to an injury free season.

Pack 4

46 Raghib Ismail

I forgot. Did this guy save the CFL or not?

15 James Stewart

67 Marcus Robinson

84 Steve Beurlein

100 Kerry Collins

Why could Drunky McFumbles not put together a Super Bowl season for the Saints

Pack 5

47 Ricky Williams

Thanks to Iron Mike for trying to make the Saints into the Lions.

75 Randall Cunningham

Man this guy was electric.

12 of 20 CS Trung Candidate Contact Sport

64 Emmit Smith

22 Jamal Anderson

What ever happened to the Dirty Birds?
Is that you dayf?

Pack 6

71 Damon Huard

59 Wayne Chrebet

Between this guy and Steve Tasker, the little guys were well represented in the 90's.

4 of 15 YC Tim Brown Yard Chargers

Even though this guy is on of the greats of the game I just don't see him that way.

92 Jake Plummer

8 Dedric Ward

This is all I have ime to post this week. Next Tuesday or Wed. I will post the rest of the box. Some good stuff in here. I just want to get it out there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hobby Box Break

This week we have a nice little pick up. A hobby box of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces. This is the first year I have purchased the brand. Kicking myself for not getting any 2007 boxes. My first impression of the set is that it has a great checklist. Plenty of old and new mixed together. The parallels are good looking also. I enjoy the contrast of the black and red borders.

So let's get to peeling some foil!

One hobby box. Six cards per pack. Twelve packs per box.

120 Card Base Set

Black Border
Bronze Ore Border
Deep Blue Border
Forest Green Border
Hades Border
Ionized Border
Persian Blue Border
Pinot Red Border / 1
Red Border
Sirious Black Border / 5
Urban Grey Border

I am not sure of print runs but these are all of the colored borders.

Captured on Canvas - Game Worn Jersey Cards
Captured on Canvas - Autograph / Jersey Combo Card
Captured on Canvas - Autograph / Patch Combo Card / 25
Captured on Canvas - Patch Card / 50
Stroke of Genius - On Card Autographs

Pack 1

2 Justin Upton

Nice card. I am digging the action painting and the feel of the cards. Good job on Upper Deck's part.

13 Curt Schilling Black Border

First Black Border parallel of the box.
Of Curt Schilling.
One of those clutch pitchers every team wants.
And a geek.

27 Victor Martinez

Catcher. The other ball team in Ohio.

34 Gary Sheffield

Congrats on the 500 Home Run Club membership.

62 Alex Rodriguez

Youngest player to 500 Home Run Club.
Youngest player to consistently choke in October.

79 Russell Martin

Catcher. Greatest position to play.
Nice action shot of Russell robing Conor Jackson of a foul ball.
I would have let a lucky fan get a souvenir.
I am nice. He is mean.

Pack 2

39 Roy Oswalt

I may be a Reds fan but I appreciate a great guy like Roy.

5 Max Scherzer

60 Whitey Ford

Some pitcher that did something that got Yankee fans excited.

88 Frank Thomas

This is turning into the 500 Home Run Club box.

105 Tom Seaver

Best known as a Met. Best games as a Red.

114 Willie Stargell Dark Blue Border 106 / 125

Anyone who does not like Pops also
hates cute puppies with wet noses, apple pie and sunny days.

Pack 3

4 Chipper Jones Black Border

I am not a big fan of Chipper. Some guys are.
But this is one heck of a card.
The black border only adds to the art.

48 Ryan Braun

Favorite player on the favorite team of my dispatcher.
The guy knows nothing about baseball.

54 David Wright

Great looking card. The look of agony on his face as he
knows the home run means nothing in the loss to the Reds.

76 Greg Maddux

Just seems unnatural out of a Braves uni.

68 Rich Harden

90 Ryan Zimmerman

Gonna be a good year for this guy on
the Bay Rats with Dunn in the lineup.

Pack 4

23 Jim Thome

I like Jim Thome. But is he a Hall of Famer?
Sure he has the stats but he is a career DH. He can
fist pump while carrying an oversize Mr. Microphone all
he wants. Still not gonna make him a shoe in.

63 Hideki Matsui

CC-JV Jason Varitek

Captured on Canvas Game Worn Jersey.

Pack 5

33 Asdrubal Cabrera

Don't know much about this Cabrera but it looks
like he is a huge Blue Jays fan wanting an auto.
Wait until after the game, guy.

53 Carlos Beltran

Typical New York power hitter.

19 Ryne Sandberg

Ryne is one of the best at 2nd base.
Hall of Famer.
Loved by fans.
Adored by collectors.
But he played in Chicago for their National League team.

Filler Card

Yes. I am type A at times.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 3435

81 Ichiro

Looks like a sorta down year by his standards.

82 Felix Hernandez

If this guy ever learns how to pitch in the majors
we are looking at the next Tom Seaver. If.

67 Eric Chavez


Pack 6

40 Alex Gordon

Will the Royals ever be over .500 again?

118 Bob Gibson SP

Was there ever a better championship pitcher? Christy Mat, maybe.

CC-RZ Ryan Zimmerman

Captured on Canvas Autograph / Jersey Parallel.

77 Jake Peavy

Peavy! Make sure you come to the Reds in trade!
Peavy for Bailey. We would love that.

Pack 7

7 Evan Longoria

22 Kosuke Fukudome

A rookie last year who stunk it up. HAHAHAHAHA!

35 Magglio Ordonez

His best power year came while playing with Jose Canseco.
Nuff said.

43 Chin-Lung Hu

Filler Card

First double of the box.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 3385

71 Ryan Howard

Phillies have not had a masher like this guy since
Schmidt's 'stache roamed the infield.

56 Jose Reyes

On heck of a 5 tool guy. Yep. A Met's tool.

Pack 8

32 Justin Verlander

Good luck on the comeback. Tigers need ya big guy.

100 Yogi Berra Black Border

A non smiling Yogi? Who painted this?
A Mets fan? Yogi should always be smiling or
jumping into Whitey's arms in joy.

18 Alfonso Soriano

I'd smile also if I was paid kajillions to hit like
a Gashouse Gorilla and not produce playoff time.

46 Robin Yount

What is this monstrosity? Yount?
Without a hair covered upper lip? Has all that is
good in this world gone by the wayside?
How can he hit without it?

61 Mariano Rivera

Lights out. Best reliever. Ever.

96 Ernie Banks

Mr. Cub! Great shortstop, hitter and ambassador for baseball.

Pack 9

6 Mark Teixeira

Are they sure this is not Greg Maddux at bat?

26 Grady Sizemore

Plays on a team this guy likes.

69 Chase Utley

Filler Card

First triple of the box.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 3410

20 Carlos Zambrano

Fall apart completely this year. Please?

75 Tony Gwynn

Skinny Tony? And the brown, orange and yellow?
Joe is happy.

47 Prince Fielder

I can has veggieburger??!!1?!

Pack 10

13 Curt Schilling

113 Steve Carlton

Second greatest great pitcher on hard luck teams.
Walter Johnson being first.

Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 413

64 Joba Chamberlain

63 Hideki Matsui

Second double of the box.

77 Jake Peavy

Third double of the box.

50 Joe Mauer

Another great catcher named Joe. How can you not love that?

Pack 11

12 wade Boggs Black Border

Glad to see his hair is making a comeback.

4 Chipper Jones

The black border is defiantly better looking .

13 Wade Boggs

Not bad. Both the base and the parallel in the same pack.

11 Carl Yastrzemski

Probably one of the most unappreciated greats.

89 Roy Halladay

Gonna be a good year for this guy. As usual.
Then a mid season trade to the Yankees makes him
a quadrillionaire.

74 Luke Hochevar

Pack 11

55 Johan Santana

16 Johnathan Papelbon

You would not like him when he's angry.

38 Lance Berkman Red Border Parallel

I like these borders the best from the ones I have seen.

83 Ozzie Smith

The Wizzard. Opening days without his flips are just opening days.

95 Warren Spahn

Any Spahn card is a great card.
How can you not love that leg kick?

41 Vladimir Guerrero

I was just joking when I told Mr. I HeArt Halos
I wanted to see Vlady in SLC for a week of rehab.

So there you have it. A great looking set and a nice box break. Not too many doubles and a good mix. But what have you guys noticed?
That's right!
Mr. Reds Cards has become the go to guy for all your Cubs cards needs.
What diety have I pissed of to see Reds card after Reds card pulled by Braves fan, Cub fan, Indians fan, Mets fan and even Yankees fan?