Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here We Go!

The same day I started Reds Cards I thought about doing a weekly box break online. Just under two years later here is the first one!

2008 SP Retail
8 Packs
40 Cards
Bonus Rookie Exclusive Pack
of 5 Rookies

As you can see by the box panel I chose a great product!

3 Reds on the panels. Jay Bruce and Johny Cueto on the back panel and Griffey Letter Patch is on the side panel.

So let's rip into the first pack!

All cards are shown from
top to bottom arrangement
in the pack.

Last card shown is the
card on the pack bottom.

64 Mariano Rivera
Nice 1st card! A surefire Hall Of Fame member.

18 Derrek Lee

I have nothing to say about any Chicago National League team member.

30 Mark Teixeira

Yankee Stadium Legacy 2693
Ol' Whitey on the front of a game with HRs by Elston Howard, Mantle and Berra.

58 Ben Sheets

Pack Two


1 Ken Griffey Jr.
Best player of the last 20 years. Period.

26 Jose Reyes
Shortstop on the New York team that chokes. So says Phillies staff ace Cole Hammels. Who am I to argue with him?

86 Barry Zito
Only Mike Hampton has fleeced baseball for more monies. He had a mini comeback last season. Let's see who shows up in 09.

13 B.J. Upton

Marquee Matchups
MM-48 John Smoltz / Hanley Ramirez
Card back lets us know Smoltzie K'd Hanley twice in a 8-0 shutout.
Hanley extracted some revenge on June 5 with a double, stolen base and two runs scored against Smoltz.

Pack Three

56 Roy Halladay
If this guy took the mound for the Yankees there would be 2 million kids named Roy.

94 Jason Bay

66 Erik Beddard

176 Matt Tupman Autograph 222 / 999
Had one hit in one at bat last season. The autos are incased in the cards for SP this year. I like this better than on top stickers as there is a better use of design for the card.

72 Jose Guillen
A former Reds player who was picked up by the Nationals. Go figure.

90 Chien-Ming Wang
Is it just me or is this one of those pitchers who wins 250 games and no one notices?

6 Vladimir Guerrero
Great player and hope he has to rehab for a week here in Salt Lake City this season so I can meet him. Sorry Mr. I Heart Halos.

I think this qualifies as a "HOT" pack. An auto and seven cards? Good job Upper Deck!

Pack Four

49 Cole Hamels
Nice job last season. And known Mets basher. Hall of Fame material just in that one interview I think.

65 Josh Beckett

9 Randy Johnson
I hope he gets No. 300 fast so the whole season isn't about his back and if he can do it.

77 Dontrelle Willis

Authentic Achievment AA-45 Vladimir Guerrero
Nice card here. He is destined for 3k hits just by the fact he idolizes Craig Biggio. Look at that helmet!

Pack Five

95 Matt Holliday

Yankee Stadium Legacy 2718
Game recap here.

98 Jeff Francoeur
Is he even playing anymore?

100 Curt Schilling
Borderline Hall guy.

59 J.J. Hardy

Pack Six

46 Carl Crawford
Nice fantasy player. Let's see if he can make a difference on the field this season.

61 Nick Swisher


79 Brandon Phillips
Top Second Sacker in the game. So says Joe so sayeth we all.

69 Justin Morneau

Marquee Matchups
MM-9 Mariano Rivera / David Ortiz

Yankees vs. Red Sox

Pack Seven

36 Grady Sizemore
This guy has got some decent power. He is like an half Dunn with a decent Avg.

81 Nick Markakis
The Orioles future actually looks good with this guy.

89 Dan Haren

15 Greg Maddux
Borderline Hall guy. He did make computer geeks happy by his dominance and looks. Who wants to be K'd by a nerd in glasses?

Authentic Achievment AA-18 Chase Utley
I did not know that Chase did this last year. Better yet, who cares since he is a Phillie?

Rookie Exclusives Pack

RE-BB Brian Babcock

RE-CM Colt Morton
A catcher? Named Colt? I am a HUGE fan now. Look forward to him in the bigs.

RE-GD German Duran

RE-CC Callix Crabtree

RE-RA Alexi Ramirez
Is this a rare error? His card should be RE-RA. How much is this worth? Gotta be at least $1,000 since it is a rookie card!

Not a bad box. One autograph. Four inserts. Nice card stock. Smooth gloss surface. Only drawback is that they put the uniform numbers on the font in the same color as the background. The only way to see them is by tilting the card. Why? Overall I give the box
A Smiling Driessen


  1. Mr. I Heart Halos is definitely jealous of these Vladdys. You can have him for a week on rehab, if we can get him back and he's playing like it's 2004 again.

  2. The new blog looks great! I love the fact that you scan all of the cards, as know one ever gives the A's any respect. Too bad you didn't pull one of the 2 A's base cards actually in the set.

  3. nice looking blog! and I aggree that maddux is a nerd!

  4. I like this format for a break. Props for scanning them all too.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. It was a challenge to get them to line up right.

  6. Interested in trading for the Hardy card, email me at pjwatters@hotmail.com - Thanks!


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